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   AWESOME READ! This is a gripping tale, told in a personal manner that describes a personal commitment to the task at hand. All this and pictures too. Granted some are not the best quality but consider the conditions they were taken under. I truly recommend this book to anyone interested in the efforts only the U.S. military takes to rescue a survivor, the early years of the war or the other countries involved and effected by the war. The description of the indigenous people is particularly eye opening.               RH         

   Few if any books have ever held my attention like Dave Richardson's account of his actions as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Every page grips the reader and gives a fresh appreciation for those who have served our country with such courage and in many instances with such great sacrifice. His faith in the Lord Jesus is very clear and God's protection was one miracle after another. Every Christian and every American should make this a ‘must read’.                                               CN

   “Speaking as an Army Helicopter Pilot who served three tours in Vietnam (1966-1967; 1969 and 1970), I very much related to and enjoyed reading Dave’s book. He provided in-depth personal information regarding the 107 combat rescue missions he performed. I recommend this book to all, and particularly to anyone who served in Vietnam.”                                                                            NM

   His service in Vietnam gives us an insight into the life of one of our many heroes of that war. His unwavering faith in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was honored many times in the book. With his fearless courage in times of extreme fire from the enemy, we see a leader that men would follow to the death, if necessary. Men are alive today because of his love for his country and his fellow man. It is so refreshing to know a man like him. A friend, neighbor, and brother in Christ.                                    CG

   ANYBODY WHO IS A JOLLY GREEN, STAND UP AND TAP DANCE!             I was a maintenance man at Det 1, 37th ARRS, during the fall of 1967, part of Richardson's time there. The enlisted people, including those who flew (Flight Mechanics and PJ's), lived together and socialized together. The title of this review was a battle cry in the Airman's Club, guaranteed to annoy others, so us folks on the ground knew all about what was going on -- the unmarked helicopters, the crews with sanitized uniforms, the staging out of Lima Sites in neutral Laos to fly incredibly dangerous missions to save American lives. I have read Richardson's fine book and I am even more amazed at him and the other Jolly Green flyers than I was 42 years ago. Even decades of everyday life very seldom feature association with people like these. Richardson has written a good book and, as someone who had a front-row seat, I recommend it highly.                                          Annon

   What a great book! Written with simplicity in mind -- the book was written for the author's children and not for publication -- it is an easy read with a big story behind it. Richardson describes on several occasions his feeling that the hand of God was present on many missions when he probably should have died, but did not. This book is both educational and inspirational. I enjoyed this read very much.   JMK

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