Rescue Videos

   This is the lead-in page for the Rescue Videos on this website.  Each is described separately below.

   You may view the video of your choice by moving the mouse over the Rescue Videos button and clicking on the appropriate pop-out menu.

Jolly Green, Combat Search & Rescue Tactics

   This video was a long time in coming. During my yearlong tour, I performed 7 rescues, saving the lives of 9 men. On two of these rescues, #3 and #6, I had a combat cameraman on board who shot short film clips of each rescue. Over the years, my eldest son, David, has repeatedly urged me to add narration to the clips. 

   I finally got around to it and decided to do a 3 video series. This one, the first, has as its focus, the overall Jolly Green mission. Number two, with rescue footage, tells the story of the rescue of Candlestick 01, while number three, with more rescue footage, tells the story of the rescue of Sandy 05. 

The Rescue of Candlestick 01 

   Well, here, as promised, is video number 2, The Rescue of Candlestick 01. 

   If you viewed Part 1 of this trilogy, you are somewhat familiar with the Jolly Green mission in Vietnam and know that 2 of my 7 rescues were filmed by a combat cameraman.

   As you will note while watching this video, the rescue was complicated by weather, poor survivor location and heavy ground fire. Obviously, we were able to overcome all these obstacles, or you wouldn't be reading this. 

The Rescue of Sandy 05

   In this video, I describe my 6th rescue, that took place in June, 1968. As with video #2, “The Rescue of Candlestick 01”, this video contains both still photos and actual combat film footage,. narrated by me. I hope you enjoy the period photos and my descriptions.

RC Vietnam Helicopter Rescue

   This video was made by Carl Greenwell, who lives in England and is an avid Remote Control aircraft hobbyist. After reading Vietnam Air Rescues, he undertook a project to produce a rescue video.

   An amazing amount of work went into this production. I think you will enjoy it. Well done, Carl!

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