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as a father recounts to his adult children his exploits as a ‘Jolly Green’ combat rescue pilot in Vietnam . . .

to see what it was really like . . .

and determine what you would have done when another man’s life was literally hanging in the balance . . .

what it meant to save a life . . .

heart-pounding action in . . .

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The Author...

Me (18N)



Me (25N)
H-3 (8N)
H-3 (D2)
H-3 (D1)

In this space, I present some thoughts on the book, its origin and things in general. From time to time, material will be added in a “blog” type format. Don’t be surprised at the use of “I”, rather than “we”, throughout this site. You are hearing from a lone individual, not a large company.  Previous postings may be viewed by clicking on the ‘Ramblings’ page button.

   Interest is starting to pick up overseas. The videos have gained a following in Japan, Korea and Germany. Book orders have been filled in Spain and France

   Some books have been purchased and sent to troops both Iraq and Afghanistan.

To  be continued . . .

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012