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   Something new on the site. I have added a Rescue Videos category, where I will place appropriate rescue videos on sub-pages. The first comes from Carl Greenwell, in England, who made a fantastic recreation of a rescue using a remote-control helicopter. Very good, don't miss it.

   Then there is a Combat Search & Rescue Tactics video, narrated by me, and featuring period photos. 

   Check both of these out. Others will be added as time passes.



   YouTube video #2 is posted. This tells the story of my 3rd rescue, Candlestick 01. There were two of my rescues where I had a combat cameraman on board the helicopter. This is one of them. I think you will enjoy it.


   Now, all 3 of my videos are up on the website. #3 features my 6th rescue, Sandy 05. This video also features actual film footage, shot during the rescue. Check out all 4 videos on the Rescue Videos page. .


   Caught! A visitor to this website wrote to complain that I haven’t updated this site for some time. He is absolutely right. I apologize. I got wound up in other matters and just neglected to post new material. Will not let that happen again.



   As of this date, Mar 30th, 2010, you can no longer order the book “Vietnam Air Rescues” from Amazon. This is a temporary situation which is due to the fact that I am submitting a new edited version to the publisher. The only major change to the book is that I have reformatted the photos in the hope that they will be restored to their original condition.

   In the meantime you may, however, still order the book from me by following the instructions on the “Signed Book” button. This way, you won’t have to wait and will get a personally signed book for the same price as from Amazon

   The best guess is that this process will take approximately one week, after which Amazon will be able to accept orders once more. I will post a note when that happens. .

Click the Helicopter at left to order the book

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