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   It will take a little longer to get the new version of the book back up at Amazon. The Publisher thought I should do a little more work on restoring the photos. I have now finished that project and ordered a ‘Proof’ book. Once it arrives, I will check it out. If all is OK, I will then give the print order that will make it available on Amazon.

   Incidentally, VNAR is now available in bookstores. If your local bookstore does not stock it, you may request that they do so.


   Well, life is often inexplicable. The Proof Book came back, and several of the pictures I had labored over for so long to improve their quality actually looked worse. So, it was back to the drawing board. I have submitted yet another request for publication. Here’s hoping that the changes I made will prove acceptable.


   Success! This last proof book is acceptable and Amazon has now resumed shipping. Three weeks lost, just to sharpen up some of the photos. Ah well, all’s well that ends well.

   People are writing, asking for a sequel, or additional videos. I don’t see either on the horizon. Perhaps a few more speaking engagements . . .

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