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   Thanks for sharing your wartime experiences in print and on Youtube. There are lots of fighter pilot memoirs from Vietnam, but yours is the only helicopter rescue pilot memoir I've been able to find. Through your memoir, you have helped capture the experiences of an important cadre of heroic Air Force aviators. I know it's all about duty and trying to help a fellow warrior, but I still don't know how you can hover motionless for 5 minutes with guys blasting away at you! I'm retiring this year after flying fighters for most of 30 years, and I deeply appreciate what the Vietnam generation of aviators did for me and did for our Air Force. I started at the AF Academy in 1976, and had guys with chests full of air medals (and up) teaching us far beyond math, English and engineering--they passed on what it means to be an Air Force warrior. Thanks for your service, but thanks especially for taking the time to capture and preserve a big part of who we are. My oldest son is an HH-60 copilot and they are proud to follow in the footsteps of the Jolly Green Giants.            BA

This is an honestly personal diary made for the Sikorsky HH-3 rescue pilot's family. Expanded and turned into a real book. He is one of the lead players in "The Rescue of Streetcar 304". He has a few minor corrections to the A-7 pilot's nail biting story. Dave Richardson's book is riveting. The kind of story you're glad he shared. Even if it is not "top of the line" publishing - especially not the illustrations. But thank you for sharing!              PC


   Well written and documented account of his time in Vietnam. I am taken by the humble way this man presents his service. As another helicopter airman I really enjoyed this book.    RM

I had the opportunity to read the book you wrote to your sons.  It was very touching and informative. I felt your sense of history.  It seems to repeat itself, doesn't it?  I liked your description of the people and your surroundings.   Have you ever seen the white light after Viet Nam?  It was so interesting!                                       BC


Dave did a great job putting this together. The stories are hair-raising and real. I thoroughly enjoyed this.                                                    GC

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